We went DIY! Create your own Christmas tree!

Create Your Very First Handmade Christmas Tree

It’s Christmas time and every one is starting to bring out last year’s Christmas decor and starting to put them together. Why not challenge yourself this year and make your own Christmas tree. Call your kids or even your friends to help you out in making this simple DIY Christmas tree. Our team here in Everyday Frydate loves to add personal touch from our food to the design of the store.
DIY Christmas tree X Everyday Frydate
Here’s our step-by-step guide.

1.  Gather the things needed:

  • Cartolina, any color will do since you’ll cover them
  • Gold and Green Metallic Paper
  • Scotch tape
  • Scissors


2.  Get the cartolina and roll them to make a paper cone or funnelDIY Christmas tree

3.  Fold the gold metallic paper into half and cut it. Repeat the process until you get the desired length and thickness. Same with the green metallic paper, but this time give another fold so that it will be smaller than your gold strips.

DIY Christmas treeDIY Christmas treeDIY Christmas tree

 4.  Fold the strips until both end meets. Make a loop by taping both sides.

diy-5DIY Christmas tree

 5.  Attach the strip of paper loops on the cone. Start at the bottom and work yourself up. You can also add any star on top of your Christmas tree. We created loops of ribbon for our Christmas star.

DIY Christmas treediy-2-3diy-1-3

6. Tada! Big round of applause to you guys for making your own tabletop Christmas tree!
DIY Christmas tree


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