Kris Kringle Ideas At The Animo Christmas Bazaar DLSU-STC


Running out of “Something” for your  Kris Kringle? 

One of the oldest and most played game during Christmas is the Kris Kringle. As early as November, we start inviting our friends to make their list and start saving for this. If something sweet, long, hard and soft are not your thing this year, let’s turn up the level by looking for new “something” to give to your family and friends.

Here are some new ideas to spice up your Kris Kringle:

1)     Double “Something”
Instead of picking up one description, choose two. Make sure you have a lot in the list. Start with the most common: long, hard, sweet soft, round, square, edible. To the most unique ones: sticky, old, touch of pink (any color), grandparents-owned, reminds you of 70s,  childhood memories. After picking two descriptions, you’ll end up with something “ROUND and SOFT”,”OLD and LONG” or “EDIBLE and GRANDPARENTS-OWNED”. For sure, everyone will have a unique take on every category.

2)     “Something” Impromptu
This involves you giving whatever you have right now. When we say now, it means you need to take-it off and give it as a Christmas gift to your “baby” (your gift’s recipient). From the socks that you are wearing, your shirt (make sure you have an extra clothing with you), to the gift card that’s been sitting in your wallet for almost a year. You should be ready to give it away. Everyone will get something in return and we hope that you also get a shirt.

3)     “Something” You Don’t Like
Remember the saying, “Another man’s garbage is another man’s treasure?” Every year you have been receiving this mug, or you have too much picture frame on your desk that you don’t have a space for those mugs. Worry no more, you have a reason to give them away.

4)     “Something” You Don’t Want To Show The Public
This is the game changer to your friends who uses public transportation. Tip: don’t wrap the gift and make sure it’s long and big to fit in their bag. Some gift idea’s are plunger, walis ting-ting, tabo, arinola, dustpan, Upo or any vegetable will do, Fish straight from the market or a livestock. Whatever you have in mind right now is perfect.

5)     “Something” DIY
Everyone will give a handcrafted gift to their “baby”. This takes time but more personalised since everyone will put effort and creativity. Not all will have the best outcome but instead your gift has the most interesting story on how they came up with that DIY. We have a DIY Christmas tree which can beautify your family and friend’s home.


If you have more fun and crazy ideas on how to make your Kris Kringle memorable, share and we’d love to know!

From partying to Christmas shopping, the kids from DLSU-STC know how celebrate all-year long. Drop by their campus and visit their Christmas Bazaar on December 1 -2, 2016. Start buying your Christmas gifts and crossing out some in your Christmas list.

Animo Christmas everyone!

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