Ato’s Homecoming: Assumption College

All Hail, To Our Beloved Assumption!


Just a short trivia about Ato, Ick‘s life partner. She is an Alumni of Assumption College San Lorenzo Makati. It’s been a couple of years since she was able to visit her beloved alma mater. Excitement filled her when she’s about to visit the school. She was in awe seeing how the school has developed from the moment she last saw it. Looking back, she spends most of her time in the caf (that’s how they call their cafeteria), library, and student’s lounge. There are also times when she stays in the Sanlo park with her friends. And who cannot forget Glorietta? Not a single soul in Assumption College is a stranger to this happy place. This was an added feature, an extension of the campus! When it’s free cut, Glorietta is just a walk away! Assumption College is also close to Ick’s heart as he used to fetch Ato on Gate 3. The Manong Guards already know him as he usually go there almost every day. Being part of an exclusive all-girls school, she was still able to enjoy her college days.


And because she left her heart in Assumption, she’s now back in campus. Ato is all-ready to share her great love for Chicken and Potato with all her fellow Assumptionistas! Get ready to carry those orange cones with you, ladies! We are happy and overwhelmed that Everyday Frydate was able to participate in the Bicentary Celebration of St. Marie Eugunie and Mere Therese Emmanuel.  The Assumption community has mould Ato into becoming the best person that she could be and has been a big part in achieving all her dreams. Thank you Assumption College! See you around, AC girls!




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