The Power of Smiley Fries: Why Spread Them

How Smiley Fries Can Make a Difference

A smile can change one’s look. It can change one’s feeling. Generally, a smile can change the world. If one smile can make a great difference, what more can a cone with lots of smiles do? This is what exactly we are bringing back! Everyday Frydate is so much excited to announce the come back of our product which made several people happy, the smiley fries. These smiley fries have been children’s all-time favorite.

Smiley fries are fried mashed potatoes that are shaped into such a cute emoji smiley face. They are made from 100% real potatoes that when cooked are crispy on the outside but soft on the inside. These bite-sized smiley fries are products of Potatoes USA,  which is formerly the United States Potato Board (USPB). They are known to provide superior quality and ensure food safety with their U.S. grown potatoes. Our team in Everyday Frydate have been thankful to be recognized by USPB in using one of their products.

Smiley Fries Everyday Frydate

A smile is a beautiful thing. It could be shared.  It could create such wonderful moments in life.  Thus, it can spread happiness to everyone. It’s very ironic and powerful at the same time with how this curve can actually set the most crooked things straight. To smile is a simple gesture but can make things right. A smile can really change lives. This is what we are aiming for: to put a smile in every kid’s face including those who are kid-at-heart.

Smiley Fries Everyday Frydate

Everyday Frydate branches are now offering smiley fries served in cone which can also be paired with your favorite chicken tenders and dip. These are  guilt-free snack most especially to those who are health conscious as they don’t have artificial colors and flavors but only seasoned with sea salt. You can also serve it to your family, to your kids and have them as packed meal. Serving these in any occasion will do too! Smiley fries are included in the menu of our birthday party package which is a sure hit to many. Our team in Everyday Frydate can setup a booth in your event where we could share these tasteful smiley fries.  Take it from us, our smiley fries are way too cute to resist!

Everyday Frydate Smiley Fries

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