Plunge 2017: Assumption College Way To Say “Hello Summer”

Last April, we were part of the PLUNGE 2017 and said “Hello Summer” in the most kikay way, the Assumption College way. 

Taking the Plunge

It was a day full of great performances from talented individuals. The beat and rhythm was unstoppable, cheers and claps are everywhere, and these glorious sounds are knocking on summer like “Hey look at us.”  The Assumption Dance Company, got one of the loudest cheer when they stepped on the dance floor. The summer gave up its scorching heat and tried to stop them by giving rain and thunders. They are like demigoddess who can’t be stopped, they can’t even be slowed down. As the rain falls, the stomp just gets louder and louder.

Plunge: 2017 Assumption College X Everyday Frydate

Not only the rain does the outpour but  also the food and refreshments. These have been all over the Plunge event.  Assumptionists chilled and hopped around the booth to satisfy their summer craving. Variety of food can be found the Assumption school grounds, as they say, “anything under the sun!” Happy people filled the place–from a person who considers herself a sweet tooth, a pizza-masterpiece-maker, to a donut-lover like Homer Simpson. There is also an ate fishball and kikiam for the street food lover and of course,  the potato and chicken lovers!

Plunge: 2017 Assumption College X Everyday Frydate

Plunge: 2017 Assumption College X Everyday Frydate

Plunge: 2017 Assumption College X Everyday Frydate Smiley Fries

It was a blast!

After grooving the whole afternoon, it’s time for the band to rock the whole place. Hot and upcoming band didn’t let the crowd down as they gave them a rockin’ night to remember. Some of the bands are Jensen and the Flips, Lola Amour,  and Autotelic. The event was hosted by DJ Rico Robles from Monster Radio RX 93.1 The bliss did not stop on the four walls of Assumption Makati but it was extended to Teach Peace Build Peace Movement, which is the beneficiary of this event.  Truly these girls know how to party and be an instrument of blessing at the same time.

We are blessed to experience these summer concerts, just like what we had at the Summer Chill at De La Salle University – STC, and we are looking forward for more celebrations to beat the summer heat.

Thank you Assumption College for letting us take the Plunge 2017!

Plunge: 2017 Assumption College X Everyday Frydate


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