Potatoes USA Chef Seminar 2017

Potatoes USA x Everyday Frydate Shangrila Boracay
Welcome Potato Lovers

The Adventure Begins

Ick and Ato are on for a different kind of summer adventure. This time it’s taking us to the beautiful island of Boracay in Malay, Aklan, together with the rest of the Potatoes USA – Philippines Team on their annual chef seminar. 

Potatoes USA Philippines Everyday Frydate
Festive welcome to our gastronomy adventure


Everyday Frydate has participated in Potatoes USA Chef Seminar 2017 at Shangri-La’s Boracay Resort and Spa last May 10 until May 13. This is a one-of-a-kind experience wherein we get to discover a wide range of delicious things that we could do with potatoes. These tuberous crops are not only limited to being mashed, fried, baked, or roasted, but also to a number of possibilities! Several amazing and talented chefs from different parts of Luzon have gathered together in the beautiful paradise of Boracay to showcase their talents on how to transform a classic menu into something extraordinary. We were fortunate enough to be able to meet respected chefs, co-business owners, and R&Ds from Midas Hotel, Manila Yacht Club, Crimson Hotel, Bonchon, Fat Daddy’s Smokehouse, Mexicali, NYFD and Uncle Cheffy. These also include some of the well-known chefs from Culinarya Pampanga, truly a Pampanga’s Best!

Potatoes USA x Everyday Frydate Shangrila Boracay
Sirena – Shangri La Boracay

The Potatoes USA seminar is jam-packed with informational activities through which US Potato products have turned into different cuisines by using various culinary applications. These chefs were able to create their masterpieces and come up with unbelievable recipes that dining establishments could possibly use either from casual or fine dining. The main objective is to basically inspire and encourage local chefs to incorporate these kinds of recipes in their own set of menus.

Potatoes USA x Everyday Frydate Shangrila Boracay
View from our workplace

Day 1 has started with Chef Federico Michieletto, who gave a presentation on the background of Malaysian Cuisine. After which, all the participants were grouped into four teams with three members to conceptualize a Malaysian menu by incorporating the US potato products. Each team will get to present their dish on the following day which will be judged by International Chefs.  While during Day 2, Chef Boung Hyeon Kim and Chef Yuon Sub Lee took the stage when they gave a short presentation on the background of Korean cuisine. The teams were given a chance too, to demonstrate their own Korean menu and present to the said judges.

Potatoes USA x Everyday Frydate Shangrila Boracay
Day 2: Chef at work

The whole afternoon of this seminar was reserved to Market Basket Challenge wherein we, along with the other chefs, went out to buy the ingredients that we will be needing for our menu. This was not all about fun but also hard work. We personally saw how innovative these chefs are as they complete the challenge. Not to mention that we braved the unexpected heavy rains which happened Thursday afternoon. Chefs were soaking wet while walking through the streets of Boracay looking for ingredients to include in their “special” menu. Our group even walked through the flood just to finish this task. Quite exciting, isn’t it?

The Potatoes USA seminar has ended with a culminating activity and a farewell dinner at the Punta Bunga Beach. This was everyone’s most awaited night. The venue was beautifully prepared and what made it more breathtaking is the view of the beach right beside the sumptuous buffet table. Thumbs up for the people behind this lovely setup. Few more minutes after the chefs have shared some of their experiences during the seminar is the announcement of winners. Who could be the winning group?

Potatoes USA Philippines Everyday Frydate Shangrila Boracay
Thank you Boracay and Potatoes USA Philippines

And the winner is…Group 2! Did we hear that right? Yes, it was Group 2 tied with Group 3 who also won the competition. I am proud to say that Everyday Frydate is part of Group 2, woohoo! Blessed enough to be part of this group with talented Chef Bau, who worked at Manila Yacht Club and Chef Arnold, who is an Executive Chef of Midas Hotel. Little did I know that our group’s potato croquetas (croquette) will capture the eyes and taste buds of the judges. Thank you Chef Federico for the pieces of advice during the preparation of the dish and also to Everyday Frydate’s experience in potato business through the years.

Our love for Chicken and Potatoes grows back each day.

This was Ick and Ato’s first time to attend this kind of seminar with Potatoes USA, another milestone for Everyday Frydate. We are very much thankful for this opportunity. We do not only value the fact that we got to take home the golden potato medal but also for the reason that we got to meet a lot of people in the industry, which we know is the start of a wonderful friendship. This is a truly amazing experience and unique adventure that we will always treasure.  Once again, thank you most especially to the organizers of Potatoes USA – Philippines! We look forward to joining more of this kind of activity in the near future!  Now, we can’t wait to hit the kitchen and share everything that we have learned with the rest of our team.


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