Sweet Spot in the South: Greenfield City Weekend Market

Weekend Foodventures!

Greenfield City Weekend Market Everyday Frydate

Greenfield City Weekend Market is the newest food destination in Sta Rosa, Laguna.  Make sure to add this spot to your next Tagaytay and Batangas road trip. Creating more reasons to drive down south!

Greenfield City Weekend Market Everyday Frydate

On sale every day, that’s 100% true! Paseo de Sta Rosa is known for its outlet stores and discounted branded clothes. A day of walking around the stores will definitely leave you an empty stomach, that’s why weekend market was added to satisfy everyone’s cravings! You may be a window shopper, weekend grocery runner, an on-the-go-foodie or just planning to slackened your hell week, Greenfield City Weekend Market is a sweet spot for you!

Greenfield City Weekend Market Everyday Frydate
It is situated in the middle of the Laguna Boulevard, between Paseo de Sta. Rosa and Laguna Central.  They close a part of the road during Saturday and Sunday to create a perfect venue for food adventurers like you! This means more parking space and more time to de-stress.

They opened their doors last May and since then, more and more people are spending their weekends with us. This simply takes you away from your weekday-all-work-and-grind feels to bring you to a more laid back and relaxing weekend. Yup, you deserve to raise your feet and enjoy the weekend!

Greenfield City Weekend Market Everyday Frydate

To name a few offerings that will stimulate your food cravings, grilled pork BBQ, takoyaki, crepes, cupcakes,  ice cream and kid’s favorite Smileys are there.  Chicken and Mojos lovers celebrate! We never leave our place without your best-loved combo, Chicken and Mojos! To make your weekend perfect, chill with the acoustic band while having a cold juice or booze on your hand. To add to the acoustic eargasm is a beautiful sunset sky, what more could you ask for!

See you at the Greenfield City Weekend Market! To know more, visit their Facebook page!

Operating time:
 Saturday and Sunday 4pm10pm

Greenfield City Weekend Market Everyday Frydate

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