Rockin’ and Fryin’ at Animo Night!

New year has always been kicked off with a bang but with San Beda College Alabang, they started their year with a loud roar! We experienced this roaring when they celebrated their Animo Night last Friday, August 11.

San Beda College Alabang in partnership with Redlines Productions made it possible to have a successful concert event during the San Beda College Alabang Animo Night. 7-11 Philippines and their Rock Back To School crew gave the students a different kind of experience, a treat which is a perfect way to say hello to the school year. This is not just a sweet treat, but a rocking one! They have been actively invading different campuses to bring known rock bands to perform in their schools.

SBCA Animo Night 2017 Rock Back to School 7-11 Everyday Frydate

What had happened last week in San Beda College Alabang was a perfect OPM Friday night. Thanks to the melodies of 6Cyclemind, Moonstar88, Autotelic, Marion Angelo, Banda ni Kleggy, Gracenote, Stellar, Hilera, Imago and VIIXI. Our team is also a fan of OPM Music! More than our team, the students are definitely having fun as they sing their favorite songs along with the band. While some were brought to high-energy when the band started hitting the drums. These rhythmic drum patterns made them wanna dance to the funky rock groove! Yep, to some who were not able to attend the event, you have missed this F.U.N!

RBTS8 SBCA Animo Night 2017 Everyday Frydate

Earlier that day, the SEC had their annual Bedan breakout. The event was similar with the Amazing Race but this was twice as fun. Different colleges compete to be on top but at the end of the day, it was all fun and camaraderie. The most awaited part was when the firetruck starts to let it rain all over the football field! For the seniors who are having their last year of school, this is a way of passing the torch to the new students who will enter their college life. It’s also another way to show them that college life is not all about studying, but enjoying life while learning the important lessons. For the freshmen, it’s a something that they should look forward every school year.

RBTS8 SBCA Animo Night 2017 Everyday Frydate

It’s always an honor for Everyday Frydate’s team to be part of something big like this. Seeing these kids grow up and breeze through the college life has brought us in awe. We see familiar faces and we are happy to be able grow up with them. Everyday Frydate will never get tired of serving the Bedan community! The Bedistas will always have a special place in Ick and Ato’s heart.

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