Kolorata 2018: A Rip-Roaring Night of Colors

Colorful Celebration At Kolorata 2018, Lyceum of Alabang

October was not just an ordinary month at Lyceum of Alabang as it marked a significant milestone in the history of the school. There’s no best way to celebrate it but with vibrant colors of Kolorata 2018!

Celebrating its 15th Founding Anniversary, Team Everyday Frydate joined the event as we were given the privilege to serve them with our very own Chicken and Potato.

It was such an experience as LPU-Alabang gave us a warm welcome since day one. The celebration is week-long, from October 23-27, and each day was filled with excellent community bonding.

Kolorata 2018 capped the celebration on a high note. Students and guest brought their dancing shoes and left their hearts out on the dance floor.

Everyone’s Favorite Bus – Wish 107.5

Foundation week started with a bang as Wish 107.5 joined the fun. With their guest JK Labajo, the students surely sang their hearts out with his latest single “Buwan”.  XY Isidro also graces the Lyceum Alabang community with her incredible voice.
Kolorata 2018 x Everyday Frydate
See the gallery of Wishcover Your Voice here.

On the following days, students were actively taking part in different activities such as dance and sports competition among college and high school students.

During that week, LPU-Alabang also hosted the awarding of 2nd Gawad Agila Choice Award, giving recognition to Marlo Mortel as the Most Influential Actor of the Year.

Chicken and Potato On Tour

Kolorata 2018 x Everyday Frydate
Similar to some schools that we visited, Lyceum of the Philippines-Alabang didn’t know anything about us. Unforgettable smiles and greetings of awesomeness welcomed us. There were also flashes of satisfaction as they savor our famous Chicken and Potato.

Undeniably, an event wouldn’t be perfect without refreshing and tummy-filling food.  Without any denial, food is the highlight in any event that no one should miss.

Team Everyday Frydate had a great time chatting the students.  Receiving an inquiry about having a nearby store is a music to our ears. They fell in love with the taste and wished to have a faster way to satisfy their cravings!

Cravings Chicken and Potato? Visit our stores at Plaza Pacita, Pacita Complex, San Pedro Laguna and  Malayan Colleges, Pulo, Cabuyao Laguna.

Photo credits to Lyceum of Alabang – Supreme Student Council

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Kolorata 2018 x Everyday Frydate

Please drop us a message at Team@EverydayFrydate.com and we look forward to partner with you.  Check our previous event at Yabang Pinoy – Christmas Holiday Bazaar 2018 and History Con 2018.

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