Victory Alabang at 20: Extolling God’s Faithfulness

Victory Alabang at 20

Victory Alabang at 20 x Everyday Frydate
Honor God and Make Disciples. For twenty years, this has been the reason for the church’s existence. Team Everyday Frydate was honored to be part of their anniversary, Victory Alabang at 20, which happened last November 3, which also marked the history of the church.

From Mustard Seed to Strongly Rooted Tree

Victory reached its success by creating small groups, building relationships, and sharing the Word of God. From several prayer meetings, Victory Alabang has now grown into a group of churches situated mostly in South of Metro Manila.

Victory Alabang at 20 x Everyday Frydate
It is very overwhelming to see that even before the worship service has started,  Filinvest Tent was already filled in with a large number of people. These people are there for a shared passion and this is to witness God’s faithfulness.  While on the outside of the event area, there were different stores and stalls which were accessible to passerby and guests.

Victory Alabang at 20 x Everyday Frydate

Merchandise and books are also available to everyone. Yes, a complete satisfaction to both soul and rumbles of the tummy!

Victory Alabang at 20 x Everyday Frydate

Your all-time favorite Chicken and Potato did not miss the fun by taking part in the Victory Alabang at 20. Serving the community is just one of the reasons why Everyday Frydate was there. Having the opportunity to hear His message while serving the guests was also another reason. What an incomparable experience, isn’t it?

Victory Alabang at 20 x Everyday Frydate

Solemnity has surrounded the whole place when everyone started worshiping.  Steve Murell, who is the founding pastor, led the ceremony and anointed everyone with his preaching.

Victory Alabang at 20 x Everyday Frydate

God’s promises were prominent over the last 20 years. Reminiscing the trials that Victory Alabang had gone through has made the church earn its eminence. Proclaiming the faithfulness of God through every member of the church, was one of the living proof of His great power.

Victory Alabang at 20 x Everyday Frydate

Victory Alabang at 20 has reminded us of the old memories similar to how Everyday Frydate was born. Just like Victory Alabang, Everyday Frydate has gone through different challenges. That particular phase of life where they have started from nothing.

Giving back all the glory to God for Everyday Frydate was able to overcome the past years of challenges and now excited to welcome God’s promises.

In the bible, it was taught that anything lifted to Him will be blessed.  As Apostle Paul said in 1 Corinthians 3:7, “So neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow.”

Just like how everyone from Victory Alabang has prayed and has worked hard, Team Everyday Frydate will also continuously pray and work hard to grow and be a blessing to several communities.

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Victory Alabang at 20 x Everyday Frydate

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