Celebration of Uncertain: Certain Everythings Book Launch

Certain Everythings Book Launch

Certain everythings book launch x Everyday Frydate

Team Everyday Frydate joined the ‘Celebration of Uncertain’ as it hosted the book launch of Certain Everythings. Add another milestone for our Team MCL as they hosted an event like this.

During the event, there were book plenty of reading, signing, eye-catchy crafts and a dose of Chicken and Potatoes.

A collaborative effort from the host and our team made the event successful. Earlier before the event, everyone was working together to prep the place. Wall-To-Wall arrangement was made to make sure that the venue is ready.

Later that afternoon, friends of the author arrived to dress up the place. Staff from Everyday Frydate wore a different hat,  they were handy helpers. They not only served the food but extend a hand to the host.

Organized by the Malayan students, the Certain Everythings book launched was flocked by book enthusiast from the campus. They did not only support the host but the idea of producing an event that encourages everyone to read. It also uplifts potential writers, proofreaders, and authors.  to pursue their dream in publishing their own book.

Having the event exclusive,  there were different interactions with the author those who were present and purchased the book. The audience was given the opportunity to share some of their favorite poems while others performed.

Indeed, the book launch was more than just an event to introduce a novel or a masterpiece. It was a social occasion where they meet other writers, bookworms and artist.

One of the guests said, that in reading books, every word brings you to another place and time. Catching yourself anxiously biting whatever’s left on your nails as you turn every

Our team served hot potato snacks to further enjoy the event.  Our Chicken and Potatoes were never strange to this community, what overwhelmed us was the fact that they can’t get enough of it. Just like how the writer put everything in their books, we have developed the same passion on Chicken and Potato.

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