The Hungriest Panda Is In Town – FoodPanda Laguna

Let us all welcome the cutest and the hungriest panda in town, Hello FoodPanda Laguna! Delivery Hero, or locally known as FoodPanda Philippines, has set its adorable paws at San Pedro Laguna last March and will soon expand to various parts in Laguna.

FoodPanda Laguna x Everyday Frydate

What is Foodpanda?

Foodpanda team is housed in Berlin, Germany. It is operating in 40 countries globally, giving the convenience to food lovers, hangry tummy, or to the simplest food craving. With a simple touch of a button, you can have your favorite comfort food, such as chicken and potato right at your doorstep.

Here in the Philippines, they have started delivering food since 2014 and now they are celebrating their 5 awesome years. Local restaurants who partnered with FoodPanda has grown to more than 5,000 in the span of time.

Another milestone added to our team just being part of the pioneer restaurant here in FoodPanda Laguna.

FoodPanda Laguna x Everyday Frydate

How to Order Via Foodpanda?

It’s as simple as being hungry with a phone in your hand. Findle your fingers through your App Store or Google Play and install the foodpanda app in your phone.

If you are near Pacita Complex San Pedro Laguna, you may order your food online here:

If you are near Southwoods Binan  Laguna, you may order your food online here:

You may find the best restaurant where you are currently standing by locating in your nearby area. There is an option to browse an extensive list of yummy food offering by entering an address. Craving for a specific food or restaurant? Search them and foodpanda has some secret deals waiting for you.

Choose the food that you want and you have an option to deliver it to where you are or to pick-up in your most convenient time. What’s more awesome about them? Plan that food trip with your friends or your family’s gathering by ordering ahead of time!

FoodPanda Laguna x Everyday Frydate

Why Order Through foodpanda?

Having the same food delivered in a month is not good enough. This is the reason why Everyday Frydate joined foodpanda. You can now satisfy your cravings with just a touch of a button. Ordering food online has never been easy. Thanks to foodpanda laguna as for laguna peeps now have no reason not to get their cravings delivered any time of the day.

Probably some of us wanted to cook but sometimes we do not have all the ingredients we need or lack the time to prepare, well, foodpanda is our hero. Further, foodpanda is also great for weekends when we usually go binge-watching, catching up on our social media appetite, or simply doing nothing. Just for the record, even on our #staycation foodpanda plays a great role.

Panda x Everyday Frydate

Through foodpanda, our store becomes more accessible to those people who we have just met during our events. Serving them in the comfort of their homes has never been this exciting.

Being part of a big movement like this is very flattering for our team. Aside from the fact that we can now serve you our Chicken and Potato anytime, but also knowing that we are part of one of the best food revolution in the world is a privilege for the whole team.

FoodPanda Laguna x Everyday Frydate


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