Not Your Usual Party Food Cart

When you say party, it is not complete without heartwarming food. Party Food Cart seems to be in demand in most of the celebrations. From a simple surprise party to a wedding celebration, these social-gatherings are best shared with a happy tummy.

A Sackful of Happiness By Everyday Frydate
Everyday Frydate is not new in bringing smiles into everyone’s face. Being in this business where we serve potatoes for more than 10 years, we still did not stop honing our skill both in cooking and making people happy.

Everyday Frydate started from a small kiosk in Laguna and now, we are bringing our Chicken and Potatoes to all the other places in Laguna and Manila through our Party Food Cart.

Not Your Usual Party Food Cart

Do you want to serve something new and exciting to your guests? Surprise your guest with our delicious snacks!

Did we say that you can customize your snacks by choosing from our list of potatoes, toppers, and dips? Yep, you got that right! We can actually customize your party food cart so we can bring joy to your guests.

You don’t have to settle with the usual french fries in your party, but instead, delight them with our snacks which include finger-licking dips.

If you want to have a unique and memorable event, we are the perfect team to include! We can serve your choice of snacks and toppers to match your event theme!

Bring Us Anywhere

As the farmers bring fresh potatoes to the market, we are also pushing our Party Food Cart to any of your events. We are not only limited to birthday parties but we are also been participating in different events such as school fair, concerts, bazaars, food fair, and other festivities.

Our past party food carts have been very entertaining as we get to celebrate with different themes like wild safari, the cute ponies, action-filled marvel, and the dark knight. All of these celebrated their birthday with us having a coneful of chicken and potato in their hands.

We look forward to being part of your creative and unique celebration.

Book Us Today!

Looking for a food cart for your birthday party? We LOVE to spread the love of chicken and potato to your fabulous party! We love to bring our food booth to your party.  In whichever way, we assure you that our snacks will bring happiness to your guest! We are off to the next birthday party! Read some of our previous birthday parties: Sofia’s Little Pony and Iven’s Safari Birthday Party.

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