Gamer’s Unite During Gamecon PH 2019

Get Ready to Play, Learn, Enjoy at Gamecon Ph 2019


Buttons are clicking, tokens are coming alive, and dice are rolling in this very special event. It’s the time of the year where gamers all over the metro have come together as one to celebrate Gamecon PH 2019.

Welcome To The World of Gamecon Philippines


In playing, learning and relaxation come in a package. Where sometimes it’s being overlooked, the team from Red Wizards Technology Events, or as we all know, Gamecon Philippines, is here to remind us that gaming is actually good for everyone.


It’s one of the hobbies that most people seem to misunderstand. Some say it’s for kids or it’s a waste of time and resources. But definitely not for these people, who have dedicated so much in the world of gaming.


Gaming does not only refer to the four-edge screen that your kids are holding or that huge appliance that hangs on your wall. But rather, this includes gameboards, action figure toys, card games, or anything that brings fun and camaraderie to the community.


In a modern world, a lot of us thought online gaming eradicates the development of the social skills of the gamers wherein most players usually interact on chats, group message or any social media stream. But thanks to Gamecon Philippines, who unites these players to one healthy community where they can interact together not just virtually but also physically.

Gamers come to either compete as a team in a mobile game or individually showcase their creation of a robot. For non-techy tito, tita, and our parents, they go there to beat personal best in arcade games, trade collectibles that can be very rare memorabilia, and outsmart their opponent in classic board games. Whatever activity they choose to indulge in, it’s a perfect time to pause from their daily routine and tap their back just to say, “You deserve that break.”

What’s New In Gamecon PH 2019?

Coming hot in its third year, they have responded to most people’s request. Gamecon Philippines decided to hold this year’s gathering at the SMX Convention Center, bringing the celebration nearer to other gamers and SM Mall of Asia goers.

The Adventures of Noah and Lily
The Adventures of Noah and Lily

The event carries the same festive vibe just how the previous celebrations were. There were arcade games, as soon as you enter the convention center. The cosplayers are walking around who stop and greet both young the kids and the young at heart. Lots of exciting technology in every corner that you walk into. And most of all, smiles and waves of laughter in all the event goers.


Did we mention that these gamers and spectators go hangry during competitions? Our chicken and potato was a great booster for these kids to go from hangry to great players!

This is our second year to participate and be part of this awesome event. Team Everyday Frydate gets excited every time we get a message from the Gamecon Philippines. We know we share the same passion with them and that is to bring happiness and joy daily in everyone’s lives.

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