Dive Into The Gooey Glazed Toppers


New Flavor Alert: Glazed Toppers Set

Here are new ways to enjoy our chicken and potato, introducing our Glazed Toppers! We do not take our snack lightly. That’s why our team continues to work hard and find different flavors that will make you fall in love more with Everyday Frydate. 

Oh Soy Yummy 

Background-1Soy Garlic Chicken Tenders + Savory Fries + Honey Mustard Dip

Exciting additions to this Chicken Menu awaits you as we leveled up the Chicken Tender’s sweet, soy, and garlicky sauce flavor.

Take a bite into the perfect balance of its sweetness, saltiness, and tenderness.

When you combine the crispiness of the Savory Fries, the lusciousness taste of the Soy Garlic Tenders Jr. and the creaminess of our Honey Mustard, everything becomes magic.


Background-3Chicken Tenders Jr + Smiley Fries + Honey Mustard Dip

Bring out the kid in you with our Smiley Fries. Every bite of this cute fried mashed potato turns you back in time where eating snacks is so delightful.

Dunk those Smiley Fries and Chicken Tenders Jr. into our signature dip, Honey Mustard. 

Remember to always feed the inner child in you.


Background-4Spicy Korean Jalapeno Rolls + Curly Fries + Honey Mustard Dip

Our love for flavors goes from one place to another. Combining the spicy kick from the Jalapeno to the flavorful spice of our Spicy Korean sauce brings a unique flavor that you will surely fall in love with. Making an Oppa Chicken is the next big thing!

The crunchiness of both Curly Fries and Spicy Korean Jalapeno Rolls will leave your mouth craving for more flavor. 

Hot Rod

Background-2BBQ Buffalo Chicken Tenders Jr. + Fresh Cut Potato + Honey Mustard Dip

Hot Rod is a crowd favorite, our most loved glazed topper set. Enjoy the flavor of our Buffalo BBQ Glaze on your Chicken Tender Jr. 

It’s an explosion in your mouth when you munch on our crispy Fresh-Cut Potatoes and BBQ Buffalo Tenders.

Did we say that our Honey Mustard dip goes well with this set also?

Here in Everyday Frydate, we do things differently. We try to create a simple recipe with an explosion of flavor in everyone’s mouth.

Order now through the foodpanda app and let Everyday Frydate satisfy your cravings.

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