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It’s the time of that year where the students showcase their talents and hone their skills. Welcome to the annual school-wide celebration of the LPU Laguna, Eztrela 2019.

LPU Eztrela 2019 x Everyday Frydate

Raising Great Leaders

During the week-long celebration, the administration and organizer of Eztrella 2019 invited reputable and well-established speakers across the country. Gathered together in one venue are great mentors who have established themselves in their industry.

Everyone who stood in front of the crowd is professionals who have shared their experiences in their engagements. Through their message, it helps the students set the correct expectations of the current practices in the industry.

Being an expert also gave them the correct mindset on how to survive the different struggles in the workplace.

Preparation of the next leaders is not just established within the four corners of the classroom, but it is also learned from the wisdom given of an effective leader.

Grooming these students to take on the more important role will definitely help them in any kind of endeavor they have in the future.

Fun in Learning and Sharing Experiences

Leaders are not just all about wisdom. A positive character and a great outlook in life make it more holistic.

Character is built from experiences shared. Eztrela 2019 has great events and activities that promote interaction with each other. Either through games or competitions, it greatly promotes perseverance, hard work, and teamwork in each student.

More than the character building through these interactions, it also builds great memories. Experiences such as these will make students cohesive in the future. 

The network, acquaintances, and friends that they have built during their college years will be their support group in the future. 

The school that organizes and runs events like Eztrela 2019, which undeniably shows that the development of their students is one of their priorities.

We always look forward to this type of occasion. Not just serving their community, but being a part of a great cause in creating great leaders. Everyday Frydate love you, LPU Laguna.

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