Blast From The Past – Lyceum Alabang

Back in the ’90s, there was a romantic comedy movie about a guy who traveled through time. Adam, played by Brandan Fraser, came from the past and fell in love with the modern girl Eve, Alicia Silverstone. Same with Lyceum Alabang as they hosted Blast From The Past event. It is not just about falling in love but it also gears to creating memories that can withstand time.


A College Night To Remember

When you say, “College” the first thing the goes into our mind is “Challenging.” Yes, we agree with it 100%. But there are more reasons why everyone should cherish each moment while you journey through the ups and downs of college life.


During this stage, everyone knows that they are a few years away from landing into their dream job. Each student gets to meet new friends and eventually, your small group will become a vast network. Do you know what’s the other best part of college? That is you to get to choose your schedule based on your preference. Sweet, isn’t it?

But some may seem to struggle during the first few weeks or months of their college life. This sometimes leads to missing some of the best parts of their college life.

This is where we insert the Blast From The Past thanks to Lyceum Alabang Student Council. College night such as this is considered as an icebreaker for the students.

More than the party and program, everyone starts to build relationships and memories. These are the intangibles that the students need to achieve on their journey.


The Supreme Student Council has spearheaded Lyceum Alabang’s Blast From The Past event. Together with these students are Jireh Lim, Sud, Leo Gellor, Belladonnas, DJ Ben, Enzo Almario, and Kimpoy Feliciano.

These guys have the same objective during that night. That is to make the College Night memorable for everyone. Even after 10 or 20 years, it is sure that they will clearly remember all the great memories that happened that night.

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