Christmas Holiday Bazaar 2019

Have you heard the saying, “It’s so good, you have to do it twice?” It’s our 2nd year to join the Team Yabang Pinoy in spreading the best Christmas vibe on this side of town. Christmas Holiday Bazaar 2019 brought a great Yuletide feeling for south bazaar goers.

Christmas Holiday Bazaar 2019 x Everyday Frydate

Christmas Bazaar Lives Forever

It’s 2019 and online shopping appears to be growing by the year. Most of the shoppers simply chose to go on a spree with a touch of the “Add to Cart” button.

It’s been a crazy trend where you add all the wish list for Christmas plus that accessory, bag, or shoes that you have been craving for since the start of the year.

As soon as the clock strikes midnight, all the items in the cart send flying to all the delivery boxes. Convenience, discounts, and a variety of items are some of the reasons why shopping apps are a hit.

The increase of online shoppers creates an impact on the traditional Christmas or Holiday Bazaar.

Despite this trend, our team still considers participating in this year’s Christmas Holiday Bazaar 2019. Here are some of the reasons why we are still excited about it.

Christmas Mood

Lately, Christmas seems to lose its “magic” to some. Some may say that it has been too commercialized. Hence, going to bazaar to find a perfect gift still gives us that Christmas-y feels.

More than the gifts that we carry around the bazaar, there is this great atmosphere that you feel once you step inside the shopping mall or bazaar.

You will also hear Christmas carols through the music being played as you shop. The top playlist includes Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas”, Michael Buble’s “ White Christmas”, Jose Mari Chan “Christmas in our hearts” or even Aegis “Christmas Bonus,” which will give you a wonderful and joyous feeling.

Decorations are everywhere. Christmas lights shine bright during this time of the year. Seeing all the images of Santa, delicious-looking gingerbread, and the nativity scene where Christ was born filled all over the place gives you a feeling that Christmas is really near. 

Food, Food, and More Food

Due to the rush, expect long Christmas lines. This will lead to a post-shopping grub with your friends. Just like our team, Everyday Frydate, this is our opportunity to feed hungry shoppers.

Another reason for you to skip your favorite fast food meal that you always have during your office lunch out. It’s a great time for you to explore with your taste bud by munching new food offerings from food start-ups.

‘Tis the season to start a conversation with a stranger by sharing a chair and start talking about the best deal that they have found. Yes before you head home there’s a high probability that you will also look for that deal and grab it as well.

Shared Experience

Celebrating Christmas is more than shopping or receiving of gifts. This is about remembering the birthday of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Where He preaches about sharing the love.

Christmas Party-1

There is no better way of celebrating Christmas by spending it with your loved ones. Gifts are material things that fade as time goes. But the memories that you created during the season stay and top all material possession.

You might have the experience of getting stuck for long hours in traffic, getting in a Christmas crowd or better yet not finding the best deal. But the time spent with your family or friend being stuck is memorable.

Christmas Party-1-2

Your budget might be tight during the Holiday season but the happiness and joy shared to everyone will never be run out.

The online shopping trend may continue to rise next year, but we will continue to be excited to be part of any Christmas bazaar or event.

To the team of Yabang Pinoy and Christmas Holiday Bazaar 2019, our heartfelt gratitude in always having our team take part in this great annual bazaar.

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