Everyday Frydate Still Sees Hope After This Coronavirus Crisis

Staying Positive Amidst Coronavirus Crisis

There's hope in Coronavirus - Everyday Frydate Laguna

The coronavirus pandemic has been affecting other countries and has been rapidly spreading in many other countries, including the Philippines. Team Everyday Frydate was not spared of the crisis. Another sad news, its death toll is still climbing. Hearing that being infected with this virus, people will get ill and may die. Raising this awareness has triggered fear, worry, and uncertainty for most of us. What will this pandemic do to us?

There's hope in Coronavirus - Everyday Frydate Laguna

In line with Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ), the Luzon-wide lockdown was implemented and even extended up to the last day of April 2020. This has affected almost everyone. Considering the purpose of the Enhanced Community Quarantine to stop the increasing spread of Coronavirus, we do not have any choice but to comply with the government’s guidelines. Some of these include strict home confinement observing curfew in some cities, suspension of transport services, religious activities and other big events were cancelled, schools declared early summer vacation, and some businesses were not allowed to operate and were forced to close temporarily.

There's hope in Coronavirus - Everyday Frydate Laguna

Showing our full cooperation, Everyday Frydate needs to temporarily suspend all our store operations including the online food delivery services in Laguna (foodpanda and Mangan.ph) until further notice. This is to minimize physical contact to spread the disease and to ensure the safety of both our teams and customers. We advised our teams to stay in the safety of their homes during this whole quarantine period.

There's hope in Coronavirus - Everyday Frydate Laguna

This Coronavirus pandemic may seem to have a lot of dark sides but with everything that has been happening, we continue to live by faith more than fear. We are confident to believe that we will overcome these challenging times together, as blessings always come after a battle. Our great God is neither late nor too early. Thus, He is always on time. We will get through this–God’s grace, our only hope.

Hope Amidst Coronavirus Crisis - Everyday Frydate Laguna

On the bright side, more than this life-threatening virus, this lockdown has given us opportunities. It has given us a significant amount of extra time to reflect and reconnect. This is the time for us to truly appreciate the people and everything around us: reflecting on the positives and staying happy in this troubling time as well as reconnecting where it means being together despite being further apart.

Hope amidst Coronavirus - Everyday Frydate Laguna

Our team in Everyday Frydate is continuously praying for healing for all people who are infected by the coronavirus including those who have lost their loved ones. We also pray for our heroes– the doctors, nurses, caregivers, frontliners, public health officials, volunteers, and all leaders, who are risking their lives in the course of their duties. Most importantly, we pray for courage to help everyone stay clear-minded amid the surrounding panic and may we all receive your comfort as we wrestle with our fears.

On behalf of the Everyday Frydate team, we thank all our customers and business partners for your continued patience and understanding, especially in these trying times. We look forward to seeing you all when our situations improve and we can operate again. For the meantime, here’s a friendly reminder from Ick and Ato: “Do yourself and the others a favor. Practice these steps and let us together spread the love by not spreading the Coronavirus!”


There's hope in Coronavirus - Everyday Frydate Laguna

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